Do I Need an Attorney for my Ohio Business?

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Yes.  There is no substitute sound legal advice. Here are four (unbiased) factors to consider when deciding whether to use an Attorney for your business:

1. Filing with the Ohio Secretary of State does not (by itself) create a business.

While it is necessary to file with the State of Ohio to incorporate, filing simply creates the right to operate a company. This filing does not automatically provide limited liability.

2. LegalZoom is only giving you a form without instruction on how to use it.

Online “document companies,” such as LegalZoom, are prohibited from giving legal advice. Despite what their advertising my lead people to believe LegalZoom is not an attorney or law firm.

By comparison, would WebMD be sufficient to diagnose and treat an illness?  The legal well-being of a company can hinge on its foundation. An uncertain foundation can lead to significant problems for a business owner in the future.

3. Failure to create your company, properly, will cause the loss of limited liability.

An ounce of legal prevention is worth a pound of litigation. Without a limitation of liability, personal assets of the owners are at risk; thus negating the primary purpose of incorporation.

4. There are no emergency rooms for legal problems.

Unlike doctors, there are no emergency rooms for legal problems. If your business has a legal emergency, you would need to find and attorney and a solution.

If you have an existing relationship with your Attorney, he or she can advise on day-to-day legal matters and be a resource if there are problems in the future.

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