Form your Startup Business

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A startup business is concerned with creating a quality company that protects all of its owners. Our firm helps startups form their business correctly and efficiently. We provide the accessibility of completing services online, the advice of a licensed Attorney, and the certainty of fixed prices. To get started with an initial consultation, click here.  

Create Customized Contract Templates For Your Business

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Why does a business need to customized its contracts? Since each type of business is unique,  the specific needs of every company cannot be addressed in one standard form. Using online forms or document companies such as Legalzoom results in a form that may not protect the interest of your company or conform with Ohio law. Why do I need …

Find out how to Trademark your name and logo

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A trademark is a distinctive sign or indicator, used by an individual, business, organization or other legal entity, to identify source of goods or services. A trademark is also used to distinguish its products or services from those of other entities. A trademark is typically a name, word, phrase, logo, symbol, design, image or a combination of these elements. There …

Protect your Idea with a Confidentiality Agreement

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Confidentiality Agreement (also known as Non-Disclosure Agreement or NDA) For a new business, it is important to protect your confidential information; which includes an invention, idea, trade secret, trademark, copyright, or patent. As with most startup businesses, to get the company off the ground you need to use designers or independent contractors.  In some circumstances you will need to provide …