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An Ohio vendor’s license is required to pay sales tax on taxable transactions in the State of Ohio. There are different types of vendor licenses. The following is a summary each license:

Regular vendor’s license

The County Auditor issues these when vendors have a fixed place of business. When dealing with the sale of tangible personal property and certain services, a business must have one regular vendor’s license for each fixed sales location.

Delivery vendor’s license

The Department of Taxation issues this license to vendors who make sales based on delivery of tangible personal property and certain services at the consumer’s location.

Transient vendor’s license

This license is issued by the Department of Taxation for businesses that transport stocks of goods to temporary places of business or exhibits when the business has no fixed place of business for the sale or lease of motor vehicles.

Service vendor’s license

For companies that provide services such as automatic data processing, computer services, electronic information services, telecommunications services, landscaping and lawn care service, private investigation and security services, information services, exterminating services, building maintenance and janitorial services, employment services, employment placement services satellite broadcasting services, and snow removal services, the Department of Taxation issues a Service vendor’s license.

For more information review the Ohio Department of Taxation’s frequently asked questions.

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